Why use Property Guardians?

Securing your assets with Property Guardians, often give our owners the peace of mind and a more cost effective solution.

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Schutz vor Entwertung mit Camelot Leerstandsmanagement
Über das Hauswächter Konzept
Guardian Concept explained

Reduce costs with integrated Facilities Management Solutions

Whatever the level of facility management you require our integrated approach ensures each package is designed to generate the best value through efficiency, cost savings and quality of service.

In terms of the operational support structure, each client has a dedicated Account Manager. This position is supported by a 24 hour emergency line which fields reactive property maintenance related work.

Our extensive range of facilities management solution provide clients with peace of mind that their building is secure and maintaining its value. To find out more contact one of our vacant property specialists today.

Why choose us?

  • Over 20 years’ experience in Vacant Property Management & Services
  • A team of dedicated experts focused on helping you run more efficient and effective businesses
  • Nationwide service
  • Value for money Facilities Management solutions designed with the client in mind
  • Independently accredited and certified to assure quality and innovation
Hauswächter statt Wertminderung für Ihren Leerstand

Help protect the property value

Guardians help deter unwanted risks or criminal attraction to an empty property.

Lebendige Außenwirkung durch Hauswächter

Excercise social responsibility

By allowing Guardians to your building, they are securing the neighbourhood and reduce crime around the neighbourhood.

Zwischennutzung von Leerstand ohne Aufwand

Reduced Insurance cost

With the use of Property Guardians, your building is secured 24/7.

"Great concept to utilise space and minimise insurance cost.
During property crisis, I think this concept could be used to help people"

- Mindaugas Austinskas, Guardian, Facebook Review 

Want to know more about the Guardian concept?