Warum Hauswächter Ihren Leerstand aufwerten

Why Guardians?

Implementing intelligent Utility Management can save clients thousands every month. We strive to lower your utility expenses and protect our clients from growing utility expenses. Our vacant property experts perform in-depth audits to uncover savings opportunities determine your most cost-effective rate structure. The audit also identifies the current consumption of gas and electricity, how to implement controls, how to avoid wastage and where to make savings.

Camelot process all data in one, comprehensive energy report, offering bespoke advice on where out goings can be reduced.

Guardian Vetting

Every month, over 120,000 potential Guardian visit our website looking for rooms and workspace across Europe. Property guardians come from all walks of life but the thing that they all agree on is that it gives them choice:

  • The opportunity to live in an amazing property
  • The chance to save money to fulfill a dream
  • The ability to do the work they love or to just live a more fulfilling life

The lower costs and range of quirky properties available to guardians make it a great lifestyle option. 

Welche Aufgaben hat ein Hauswächter

Why choose Property Guardians to secure vacant buildings?

  • Property is secured from squatting, theft, and vandalism
  • Avoids costly delays to major projects
  • Proactive security allows reduces time spent on reacting to security incidents
  • Cost-effective: average saving of €70,000 per building per year
  • Lower insurance premiums for occupied property
  • Report any immediate property maintenance issues.
  • Secured from squatting, theft, vandalism
  • Allows client to focus on core business
  • Cost-effective
  • Free key-holding
  • Escorted property access
  • Low insurance premiums occupied property

The Guardian Profile

All Property Guardians are invited in for an interview where they must provide character, employment and housing references before being strategically placed within your property. in addition all applicants must fulfill the below criteria:

  • No smoking
  • Age 18 or older
  • No Criminal Record
  • Full time employment or able to provide a guarantor
  • Irish National or valid residence permit
  • No pets

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